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How To keep your four-legged friend from snagging Santa’s cookies: A DIY Holiday Treat!

Something to get you into the holiday spirit…   I baked a dozen cookies and I put them on a plate, and I set them out for Santa Claus, except for one I ate.   That cookie was amazing and I couldn’t quite resist… so I ate […]


Say Good-Bye to Dry Skin

For your pet’s skin, winter is dry, winter is cold and winter is not fun. The result is dry, itchy, flaking skin, for you and your pet. Along with changes in the weather, over bathing, under-grooming, nutrient deficiency in diet can all contribute to dry skin. Dandruff […]


Fend Off Flu Season With These 6 Natural Ingredients

These botanicals can fortify your immune system and help you fend off illness. Every year it seems the flu season is projected to be a real monster. Federal flu trackers note the virus start circulating earlier than it has in the past, paving the way for a […]


Dear Santa, Love Your Horse

We intercepted your horse’s Christmas List and here is what we found: Dear Santa, I have been so good this year. I won a ton of shows and jumped really high. I also stopped escaping from my stall, rolling in the mud after baths and pooping in my water […]


Cat Skin Problems


Rose DiLeva VMD, MS, CVCP, CVA Skin is an organ. Skin is one of the largest organs of the body. As such, cat skin problems are very high on the list of health issues. Natural remedies for cats and cat skin treatments can be limited. Maintaining healthy […]


Hot Spots on Dogs


Rose DiLeva VMD, MS, CVCP, CVA What exactly is a dog hot spot? How does one treat it? Finally, are there natural remedies for dog hot spots? These are some of the pressing questions on people’s minds today regarding their dogs and dog hot spots. According to […]


Dog Skin Problems


DOG SKIN PROBLEMS Skin is an organ. It is the largest organ in the body as a matter of fact. It serves to protect the rest of the body as a barrier to infection, dehydration, ultraviolet light, irritating and caustic substances. The skin is involved in temperature […]


Dr. DiLeva

Dr. DiLeva has been the CEO and owner of Animal Wellness Center and Mobile Veterinary Services, P.C. located in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania since 1999. Her approach to animal health care is holistic in nature. While in veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania she worked as a […]



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