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Treating Rain Rot in Horses with Dr. Roses’s Remedies Skin Treatment

Dr. Rose's Remedies can naturally treat rain rot in horses.

Dr. Rose’s Skin Treatment is an all-natural salve created for use on horses. The treatment may be used on horses to treat rain rot, a common condition especially in humid areas with hot climates.

What is rain rot?

It is an equine skin affliction. It may also be referred to as "streptothricosis" or "rain scald". It is caused by an organism called "dermatophilus congolensis" which multiplies in warm, damp conditions and appears on the horse as large scabs or as small tufts of matted hair. While not painful or life-threatening, rain rot is contagious and if left untreated may lead to other equine skin infections.

The recommended treatment for rain rot in horses is use of an antimicrobial wash or rinse on the horse to kill the dermatophilus congolensis organism followed by conditioning with a salve or spray.

Developed by veterinarian Dr. Rose DiLeva, the Dr. Roses's Remedies skin treatment salve and spray are all-natural products which are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, and anti scarring. They work to promote the healing of skin rashes, relieve inflammation and irritation, promote the healing of wounds, and moisturize the skin of horses.

Both the salve and spray may be used as treatment for rain rot in horses. Dr. Rose's Salve and Spray may be applied to the afflicted area every day for seven days. After seven days, the infection will begin to clear. Treatment may be continued if necessary. In past treatments, Dr. Roses's Remedies has been reported to have healed rain rot faster than any other treatment available – and it is all natural.

For more information about Dr. Rose's Remedies and its uses, please contact us at 610-558-4610 or email Tony DiLeva at