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Treating Scratches in Horses with Dr. Roses’s Remedies Salve and Spray

horse scratches

Dr. Rose’s Skin Treatment is an all-natural salve created for use on horses. The treatment may be used to treat scratches in horses, a common equine affliction that must be treated when it occurs.

What are horse scratches?

“Scratches in horses” refers to a common equine fungal skin condition, which is generally found on the lower legs of a horse. It results in the creation of cracked, crusted, scabby areas and can lead to open sores. At times horse scratches will progress to the point where the horse’s legs swell and it could become lame.

Scratches in horses should be taken seriously and must be treated. Treatment for horse scratches generally includes cleaning the affected area thoroughly with an antibacterial or antifungal wash followed by isolation of the area by wrapping the afflicted skin in surgical gauze to keep it clean. The dressings of the wounds should be changed regularly and should be accompanied by regular application of a salve to work to continue to clear and cure the scratches.

Developed by veterinarian Dr. Rose DiLeva, the Dr. Roses’s Remedies skin treatment salve and spray are all-natural products which are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, and anti scarring. They work to promote the healing of skin rashes, relieve inflammation and irritation, promote the healing of wounds, and moisturize the skin of the horse. Because it has so many healing qualities and uses all natural ingredients, Dr. Rose’s Remedies Skin Treatment is effective at treating, clearing, and curing scratches in horses.

For more information on how Dr. Rose’s Remedies Skin Treatment may be used as a solution to the common problem of scratches in horses, please call 610-558-4610 or email Tony DiLeva at